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12:24pm 13/03/2008
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02:14am 15/04/2007
  hey, just for those of you who don't know...my bfffff brendan has been doing some super cool interviews with some super cool people (the walkmen, midlake, annuals, the whigs [yet to be uploaded]) about some super cool stuff (tour rider wishes, valentine's day, veronica mars, kermit the frog haiku contests) for schubas for the last few months. he's been writing up a storm on the venue's blog too! you can check these righteous things out at the links below. i highly recommend you do so because they're awesome, and i'm not just sayin' that.


oh, also, not to steal the spotlight or anything, but my gallbladder is gone as of this morning. i've got pics.
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10:04pm 25/03/2007
  hey...we're back safe from vacation. i'll update in full later, but first, i wanted to thank everyone who housed and/or hung out with us over the past week. this includes liz, kat, rachel, matt, arielle, olivia, andrew, maddie, PLATZ, alice (asheville), amandalyn goddamn ferri, anna, katie, christie, sarah, jena, rachel, ryan, elizabeth, and jessica (nyc), as well as our roadside companion, tyler gould. oh, and of course, zibby.

thanks so much to you all for making this spring break completely awesome and enlightening and wonderful. i hope to see you dudes again soon, and highly recommend both your hometowns to anyone and everyone. thank you and goodnight!!

p.s. we'll post pictures later too. we danced like crazy.
09:32am 14/03/2007
  i'm goin' on vacation holllla.

seeing kat, liz, and greta in asheville, nc

amandalyn, sarah, jena, annamarie, katie, ryan, elizabeth, cliff, jene, mark, jessica, etc in new york city 'cause everyone's your friend in new york city!!!

i am pumped up like a big guy lifting weights. if you live/are gonna be in any of these places from saturday, march 17-sunday, march 25 (asheville from the 17-21 a.m., nyc from the 21 p.m.-25), call me and we will rage.

remember, i'm always game for a stellar korean meal in flushing.

and tyler is coming! and brendan! i might have extra seats in the car so if you're not doing anything and want to head east and aren't a butt or anything (and you'll split gas...but not have to worry about shelter thanks to our amazing buds in both cities!!!), let me know and maybe there will be room in the automobile. ASTORIA.

central park...upper east side, manhattan, june 2006:

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08:56am 25/02/2007
  you guys should join our long-standing community. why? because it rules.

GO NOW (you will not be disappointed).
in the event that ya'll didn't know...   
01:19am 10/02/2007
  brendan fitzpatrick is what some (myself included) might refer to as "da bomb."

case in point:

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03:23pm 14/01/2007

p.s. tyler-- i love goulds.
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10:57am 03/12/2006
  happy 22, jbk!! i hope it's a good one. i also hope you don't get your butt kicked by a snow and ice storm today!! sheesh, lady! anyway, i will see you again soon in crystal lake. happppppppy birthday!  
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07:05pm 12/11/2006
  knock knock.
who's there?
wii who?
wii kati's almost done with finals and she's going to play wii!

last day of fall quarter is november 21...
then i'm off until january 2 or something.

publishing break starts on december 18 (a monday...so really it starts on december 16. my birthday is the 17. want to visit?) and runs through january 2. i'll be home for the holidays and in chicago the rest of the time.

might be moving to ny, but that's way not for sure, so don't talk about it yet. applying to nyu for fall quarter tho.

might be going to school part time next quarter. not sure about that either.

i'm excited for christmas. this morning brendan and i sang about the nintendo wii to the tune of christmas songs. we're excited.

i really want to see girl talk on new year's eve, but i'll still be too young. i need either an ID that looks like me or really cute girl employed at the empty bottle who's my bff and wants to party on december 31........

saw jeff tweedy with brendan, liz, and kenny last week. milwaukee crowd wasn't as fun as the chicago crowd, but he played a great set. really like that "we can make it better" song, but i can't remember the name of it right now. going to see wilco on the 25.

celebrated carl's 21st last night, good times.

work is good, upward mobility is there and i like it. going to sxsw this year! them's the perks.

ok i think that's it. i need to study for my italian renaissance art course. it rules and my teacher's name is simone and liz d is in my class hour and liz s in the other one. so we're a team, people.

liz...sorry i haven't called you back yet. i was out last night when you left the msg...didn't get it until today.

oh and one last thing. last night, brendan and i were going to head to liz's after carl's, but kenny and liz didn't pick up their phones. we tried dan, who was with them, and the following conversation went down:

brendan: hi, is this dan?
dan: no.
brendan: sorry. *hangs up*

brendan's phone: ring ring
kati: hello?
dan: who is this?
kati: this is kati. is this dan?
dan: yesss...
kati: where are you?
dan: i'm on kati's couch.
kati: you're on my couch?
dan: wait what?
kati: whose couch are you on?
dan: liz's.
kati: you sound tired.
dan: i puked a lot.
kati: do you want to go back to bed?
dan: yesss...
kati: ok bye!
dan: peace.

it was awesome.
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01:48am 08/10/2006
  happy birthday, terrific morgan!!!!